About Ecojam

Your local, green & ethical scene
Ecojam is a jamboree of all things local, green and ethical. You can tune into local news and events, discover local green businesses and initiatives, and search for ethical jobs and volunteer opportunities.

Our aims are simple yet ambitious. We hope to get more people involved in their local green scene, and promote and connect green activities in cities and counties across the UK.  

Ecojam’s big idea
Ecojam began in Bristol in 2009, but is now growing into a national network of local green hubs. You can explore and add content to the site both locally and across the UK. We are now seeking passionate individuals or organisations to kick-start and run Ecojam in their local area. Interested?

The Ecojam community
Ecojam is a window into the incredible and surprising work of thousands of people, organisations and businesses trying to live life a little differently. This community shares all the jobs, events, news and organisations found on the Ecojam website. Sign up to Ecojam 

Ecojam’s story
Ecojam emerged out of a series of ‘sustainability cafés’ organised by the University of Bristol, which involved 300 participants discussing how to make Bristol sustainable. Ecojam was developed to continue the sharing of ideas and news online. Before long, Ecojam became the most active sustainability network in Bristol, with 5000 members and an incredible 1,250 events and jobs added each year. Ecojam is now turning to the next chapter of its story: launching Ecojam hubs across the UK. 

The Ecojam crew

Matt Fortnam, Founder & Director

Matt created Ecojam after realising that, while Bristol is teeming with green people and activity, there was nothing that brought it together in one place and made it easy for the non-initiated to get involved.  Now living in London, Matt is also studying for a PhD at University College London in marine governance and resilience. 



Eleanor Williamson, Marketing Director

Eleanor is a marketeer with a passion for sustainability. After completing a marketing degree she went on to gain a Masters in Responsibility and Business Practice at Bath University. She is responsible for increasing awareness of Ecojam. This includes creating a marketing strategy, developing marketing materials and supporting local coordinators to build successful Ecojam hubs.


Carolyn Hair, Social Media Coordinator

Carolyn is passionate about developing communities to inspire people to live a greener life. She is a freelance digital marketing consultant with over 10 years' experience in helping organisations meet their objectives. As Ecojam Bristol's Project Manager from 2013 to 2014, she was busy developing Ecojam’s presence on Twitter and Facebook. Now Carolyn is offering advice on using digital marketing and social media to help the Ecojam community grow nationally.


Sue Sanctuary, Ecojam Bristol manager

Sue uses her experience and passion for public engagement, marketing and social media to spread the word about what's ecojamming in Bristol.  Managing the social media and website content, she also loves being an ecojam evangelist, attending events, and meeting Bristol people, projects and businesses. 


Rebecca FoxEcojam Bath manager

After leaving London to pursue a greener life and career in Bath, Rebecca joined our team to lead the launch of Ecojam in Bath, bringing her experience of project management and business development. Now that Ecojam Bath is live, Rebecca is focussing on developing its presence in Bath, and continuing to build connections in the community. If you would like to get involved, please email her at bath@ecojam.org


Tim Barker and Rich Hobbs, Website Development

Tim is part of SpiralEdge, the web development company that built and maintains the latest incarnation of Ecojam. He has a history of working in Bristol’s sustainability sector and making websites and applications that support efforts towards social change.



Adam Millington, Design

Passionate about designing stunning websites, Adam brings over 14 years website design experience to Ecojam. Together with Tim and Rich, he tinkers with the look of the site and user experience of Ecojam. Adam is the director of Modular Digital, a Bristol-based design agency.